Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First let me put the plea for pity out - I feel unwell. Everyone please get to work on handmade crafty cards to send me. (I'm so not joking - points will be awarded for sparkles).

There are several things I need to be doing right now but I can barely muster the energy to make a cup of tea at the moment. Sadly it appears that my ability to sit here feeling sorry for myself will be impeded oh so slightly in a couple of hours - as I will be watching the babbies of the kitty kat. Plus mine - equals a full on litter. But - oh how I love baby giggles. It's the one thing I miss about babies... that and their chubby little legs... and how they smell. Kids just smell like mud and playdough. Babies smell delicious.

The one verra nice thing about having an army of kiddies around me; time will fly by. This is good since, I need Friday to hurry up ;-)

Now get to work on the cards people. Show you love me already.


Real Live Lesbian said...

::Purple Holographic Glitter::

Feel better soon!

elizabeth said...

RLL - *hugs*

Thanks. It's very glittery. ;-)

Seraphine said...

Babies smell delicious. So do worms in mud. *smiles*

elizabeth said...

Yes. Indeed they both do!! *giggles*