Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today was a big day for me. I volunteer at my son's school teaching the little ones to read. Today, I received a marriage proposal from little Shawn. Sadly I had to decline his very kind offer but assured him that I would still happily accept his valentine craft. He seemed okay with this but later took the craft back and gave it to Susie. She bribed him by offering to share her snack. Little vixen.

Funny little story...
Yesterday, I went shopping and found a really cute white bikini. I decided to snap some pics of it on my phone to send Spartan. Each one came with a little note - "Isn't it cute" "Look at the cute little bow!" and so on. But T9 translated the last message into "Look at the cute little boy!" It was a picture of my abdomen basically. I quickly forwarded a text message that read, "No boy. Bow. No baby in there!"

Since text messages go faster than pics - Spartan got the no baby in there message with absolutely no explanation.

Spartan - being a very patient and saint like man responds by saying "??? You're so cute! What did you mean by that message sweetie??"

Poor man.


i am the diva said...

tee hee, that was a totally cute post.

Glugster said...

Hahaha. Susie obviously knows the way to a man's heart!

Melanie said...

Susie is a clever gal and you have to love spartan. sighs.

Kat said...

You know he's never going to believe you when there really is a baby in there! lol

Elise said...

LOL he took it well!

Texts can really get people into trouble. Bloody predicted text.


B.E. Earl said...

I've never figured out how that predicted text stuff works on my phone.

Um, when do we get a pic of the bikini? Modeled, of course.

elizabeth said...

Diva - so glad you liked. It was a fun day...

Glugster - she even sent me some 6 year old stink eye. Go figure.

Melanie - she sure is and I sure do. *sighs*

kat - wash your mouth out with soap

elise - he did. He's one in a million that boy... the things I've done to him LOL

earl - HOW did I know you would ask for that?? Sorry - you may see pics of me in it on vacation but that won't be for months (all the more time for me to put in on the treadmill... ;-))