Friday, May 19, 2006

I Know More Now - I Lived More Then...

When I was a child I did some really stupid things. I had an imagination - that was certain. And I often told fibs to my parents - you know... to make my life seem somewhat more interesting. Liiiiiiiiike, the time my pet rat Smudge escaped from her cage/dollhouse (I should explain that - I thought they might like a house of their own so I combined my rather large dollhouse with their cage - voila = rat mansion). Anyways she got out in my room and I could not find her - but I told my parents she was not lost. She was lost. Very very lost. She turned up a week later no worse for wear - and after some very crafty detective work from me. Now as a young teenager my room expressed my mind - a mess. It was totally disgusting. My parents used to hire a cleaning lady and she was expressly told not to go near my lair. (funny since now I am kind of tidy) I also painted on all of the walls with oil paint. Now, keep in mind I was my parents princess so my room matched this title and was very princess-esque - so it was really funny to see with the dark paintings all about. I, however, had a wee bit of rebellion in me and it started to really shine through when I hit those teenage years. There I was - all prinsessy and cute with two rats running around my person. Laughable now - perfectly understandable then. I did everything in my power to defy one person.... my father ("faja" for you Carrie).
My point? Well, my point is two fold. First - I am 30 so now I know everything (*smirk*) and secondly sometimes I wish I still had the balls to paint on my bedroom wall. I know more now - I lived more then. Now I am trying to find a happy medium. Lovely weekend to all.


Anonymous said...

Loving your blog. Perfect mix of spit your food out funny and "realness".

elizabeth said...

Yes. Musn't forget "drunkness" since there is plenty of that tonight. lol.

B.E. Earl said...

Honestly, there is nothing that I disgusts me more than the phrase "pet rat".

The picture of Smudge (if that was Smudge) alone is enough to make me shiver with dread.


elizabeth said...

I know of many people who feel that way - but they really are lovely pets. Very intelligent and very affectionate.

Kat said...

Hey earl,
if you had the great fortune to meet Smudge
(as I did)
you wouldn't be so harsh...
and she was much prettier than that wiley one in the closet.
She was perfectly white with a pretty pink nose, surprisingly soft
and loved to snuggle in your neck.
c'mon...rats are our friends...just ask ratboy(?)...remember him Liz?

B.E. Earl said...

Meet Smudge? Sorry...I'm forever stuck with a rabid(!) case of rodent-phobia.

An old high school friend invited me over a few years ago and while I chatted with his wife in the kitchen, I couldn't help but notice the ominous looking cage with the open door set on the floor.

I calmly inquired what the hell lived in there and she said " haven't met Newman" at which point a prairie (sp?) dog came hopping into the room.

Now I don't know if prairie dogs are part of the rodent family, but you couldn't tell the difference from my high-pitched shreik.

They send me a Christmas card every year with that damn rodent on it.


elizabeth said...

I have such the vision right now - hey Kat... the fact that you remember my rats makes me all warm in the tummy. Warm fuzzies.

Kat said...

earl- RFLMAO! They should have got another one and named him Jerry!!!

Liz- *squish*

funchilde said...

great posts. no so much into the rats, but you know, whatever gets you through the day. seems like you made it to 30 none the worse for wear. no time for slowing down and not taking risks now!

elizabeth said...