Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tequila and a Toad

Yesterday was great fun. Went to Ikea (shut up nay sayers) and the highlight of my purchases was a lovely giant wall hanging of The Lady With the Veil (Alexander Roslin) and a new duvet cover - lovely and soft off-white with a touch of sage embroidery on it. Aaaaaaaaaand about 100 pillows to throw on my bed. I love throw pillows. When I was a kid I really really wanted to fill an empty pool with soft pillows and sleep there. Thought that would be just heavenly. (Unless you sunk down into the pillows and got stuck - then it might not be as much fun. Best stick to throw pillows on a traditional bed then.)

Anyways - then Mum asked if I wanted to go to the Casino.... well I'm not one to say no to that. So I beautified myself (she was already beautiful but she insisted on changing her outfit 200 times only to end up in the one she started in) and off we went. Our intention was to go for dinner first but the gambling got in the way and we forgot to eat. Then we stopped for a touch of Tequila. More gambling, more tequila. Next thing you know we have quite the fan club. It was a really fun night. I think my Mother wanted to hide under the table a few times, especially when the bartender jumped onto the bar to kiss me goodbye (he was really cute - and it was innocent really) but all in all she was a good sport. It's fun to be hit on with your Mother. They were all very nice to her too though. Don't get me wrong she had her share of suitors. She was especially keen over the one who looked like Mr. Toad. He really wanted to take her out for a spin. Kept sneaking up us. We kept collapsing into fits of giggles every time he magically appeared - he really did look like a toad. Kept expecting him to zap his tongue out of his mouth and say "needeep".

According to my Mother I was pretty drunk there at the end - I'll have to take her word for it since I don't remember (anything about the last hour or so...). Apparently I spoke in a Scottish brogue for the last bit and insisted on not getting into the elevator with the gang members. I actually said that last bit OUT LOUD. They were very impressed. Then when I did eventually get into the elevator I gave the buttons a sound beating - and we stopped on every floor. (I like buttons when I'm drunk I suppose).

Then we stopped on the way home at Harveys (I do not remember anything about it - so I'm going off of what Mum tells me happened) Evidently I was hungry since I ate all of my mine and my Mother's food before we even got home. Including her onion rings. I don't even like onion rings. Seriously. Blech. Fast food is only that good when you are drunk.

Anyways - no more tequila for a while (at least a day or two *wink wink*)


Anonymous said...

looks like the funny is back. lol.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sounds like a good time - one of the things I like about alcohol is that you say and do things you really have always wanted to - as long as you aren't mean or nasty. Like hitting all the elevator buttons. The bartender jumped on to the counter to kiss you? Hussy!

elizabeth said...

I know - he was wasn't he! But I won't hold it against him. lol.

Carrie in BC said...

sounds wicked fun, tell your mom I'll be out there next weekend and we are going out again........Het did you see any pigmy's?

george86 said...

I also used to have throw pillow fantasies!!!! I wanted one of those giant ild clawfoot bathtubs filled with pillows to be my bed. Eveytime I see one of those bathtubs I remember the dream! I also painted a scary mural with oil paints on my bedroom wall! Before I moved to Australia I painted over it for my mother. But if you look just right you can see my teenage pain!

elizabeth said...

We are sisters.