Sunday, May 14, 2006

Running Goddess in Training - this time to the song from Toto .... Africa

I put on my ipod (I hear the drums echo into night... inspiring) Then - I ran. Well no. I sort of walk/ran/stumbled and in the end crawled. At one point I stretched my arms out in front of me much like you might imagine Frankenstein's creature did - I felt somehow in this way I was getting further faster. But then my arms got tired and I had to hold the stitch in my side so.... well it was all very glamorous.

Why do I always make myself fancy to exercise? Friends of old - you will be shocked to hear I did not wear my pearls to run. I removed them because I thought it just looked a tad over the top (but I kept the earrings). I did,however, put make up on - since the ugly tree fell on me last night while I slept. I started out looking rather sparkly - but came home with mascara all under my eyes like a football player. I have sworn that from now on - I will jog/run/stumble/crawl without makeup. If I get up around 3 am I will manage to avoid most people.

I remember many years ago when my friend Nataal and I went skiing in Ellicottville and we thought this would be a great opportunity to flirt. So, we did our hair and makeup and carefully selected wooly sweaters, ski pants and matching ear warmers (perfection). But then it started to snow and - much like a dog gets covered in little snowballs - we both turned into giant snow covered monsters. Our hair melted as did our faces and then - I managed to dislocate my shoulder (no, not because the sweater was so heavy with the added snow...but then again...who knows). I learned to ski in a very creative way - on my head. The lesson I took home that day was not the skiing one - that obviously did me no good - but that when you "go skiing" like I do - you should stay in the bar.


Tobiwan said...

I tried skiing a few times here in the states, and other than getting the worst sunburn on my face, all I can say is that it was very memorable.

I much prefer your approach to 'go skiing' and more probable that you wont injure yourself in the process.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I first started running at 11:00 pm or so just so people wouldn't see me running until I was already in shape. And you can wear a light foundation with powder while running, I recommend the Dior ones as they have sunblock! The real problem is how to avoid the disturbing wet triangle on the back on your jogging bottoms from ASS SWEAT - not the greatest turn on.

funchilde said...

lol. too funny. running in pearls lady? hey if you ski on your head it is easier on your knees!

elizabeth said...

Beth - you are such a girl!
funchilde - I think the knees sounds like a better idea... or on my ass. Can you ski on your ass or is that more toboganing? (sp?)