Friday, May 26, 2006

Somebody Pissed In THEIR Cheerios

What is with grumpy ass people? I am on "grumpass alert" or something today - either that or they have radar and are actively seeking me out.

It started out less than a block from home when I attempted to turn onto a street that was under construction. They have been flipping back and forth between two sections. Evidently, they had decided to move the construction past this particular side street so it was closed... but it was not blocked, there was no signage indicative of such a decision and the ass hat (who'd I steel that from, anna?) who was in charge of directing traffic was zoned out smoking his cigarette looking at the pretty trees. He comes to and starts making angry gestures at me and shaking his head in this overly exaggerated way. Asshole. He's been a total twat face since they started doing this construction last week. Thinks he's the king of all shitdom or something. Anyways I (being timid as I am) roll my window down and lean out to the other construction fellow passing by - "You know. He could have blocked the street off or something and he doesn't have to act like that." Lovely fellow says "Not to worry miss he suffers from Assholeolitis". I loved him. Instantly and irrevocably. (I am going to bake him something delicious tomorrow. He just made my day.)

No. It didn't end there. I just don't feel like going on about the others just now. They depressed me. And no one after that deserved any baked goods.


funchilde said...

maybe they don't have anyone in their lives to make them baked goods? i think grumpiness comes from feeling disconnected, de-valued or disrespected and that energy definitely gets passed along. to me THAT is the devil at work. I just shout out "devil, you ain't gonna steal my joy!" and it makes me laugh (and look like a kook).

elizabeth said...

I am loving that.