Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a comment....

Do you ever notice that right after you post a blog about something you develop a kind of super sensitive radar? Like the gunt post - well... I've seen so many today it's like there was a gunt population explosion. Also mullets. Mullets everywhere. Someone help me.

I guess this phenomenon is the same one that occurs when you get a new car and then see so many of them just like yours.

Just a comment....have a nice weekend everyone.


Kat said...

it's like the kind of car you drive
seems to become the most popular car on the road, the very moment you drive it off the lot!

Sam said...

I'm not THE EX. Really. I promise.

elizabeth said...

Hi Kath!

Oh - Hey Sam! Sorry about that!!

Anonymous said...

Does gunt mean the same over there as it does over here?

Saw one once that defied description... But I'll try. Fat bord on a motorbike, a little 125cc. Or I think it was - hard to tell as her gunt covered the entire fuel tank. Amazing.

Also, they make oral sex really difficult. How can you breathe through your nose when it's clogged with that?

(apologies for the anonymous log-in, internet bust)

elizabeth said...

Hello BD - What a vision! Yes - oral sex and gunts shouldn't happen. BUT refer to this as a possible solution;

Anonymous said...

Fucking bizarre. Yet practical.

elizabeth said...

Hey BD (?) Computer still giving troubles?

Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.