Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not All Tacquitto's Were Created Equal

So a friend of mine turned me onto this new thing - Tacquitto's. I think there are some things you should just be born knowing about and - these are one of them. They are perfect and lovely. And they are frozen and only take ten minutes to cook. What more could you ask for?
I like them so much I made a journey to Costco (Price Club) to buy a ridiculously large box of them.

People - when you buy something in huge quantities... take the time to make sure it is exactly what you are seeking. You have no doubt concluded by this point that - I messed up. Oh yes. I bought a GIANT box of something masquerading as tacquitto's - but are a cheap and horrible imitation. They taste like dogfood smells. And there are hundreds of them. What am I to do?

I want my tacquitto's - my REAL ones. Where have they gone?

PST. If anyone is interested in my recipe for what I like to call "Trailer Trash Casserole" please let me know. It is sort of like the biggest all in one taco on planet earth and the leftovers are divine. Goes well with beer.


Anonymous said...

Oh where oh where have my tacquito's gone - oh where oh where could they be.... that was funny.

Elizabeth McClung said...

When faced with the same problem, food that is so bad I wouldn't give it to homeless people - do what I do - invite over all the relatives you don't like that much for a free meal. They can't complain, you get rid of the food, they owe you and you sort get revenge.

elizabeth said...

I like how you think woman! (wanna come over for dinner sometime? hahahah)

Anonymous said...

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