Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ultra Low Rise

I bought these mighty fine looking "ultra low rise" pants from American Eagle. They start out fine- looking very cool - but they fall down the second you move in them. Makes sense when in reality they are already part way there by nature. I was just trying to fit in -(to the pants and the crowd.) Albeit - the crowd I'm trying to fit into is about 1/2 my age.... but anyways... I think I'll stick to low rise or above - ultra low just makes me feel like I need to constantly pull them up. Not as bad as those kids that wear the baggy pants down underneath their bums. (Refresh my memory - what is the point of pants again?)
I don't get it. I'm getting old. Thank god.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Yes..yes...but tell us what we really want to know: did you wear a THONG?

I correction, my partner bought me these ultra low hip/thigh hugging jogger pants because she said, "They look sexy on you" - When I got out of the change room with them I asked the sales clerk: "Uh, does this come with a regulation thong or do you have to find your own?"

elizabeth said...

You know it's funny you should mention that.... I almost commented on my choice of underwear but thought it might be inappropriate.
(Anyone out there notice that some thongs are designed to be torture devices?)