Thursday, May 11, 2006


The show Invasion ( started out really well and then lost my interest when they did a couple of questionable things in the beginning but now.... now they are back in my good books. I can even forgive them for dropping off the books there for a while when they switched nights - and didn't bother to tell me. Now I'm hooked again - just in time for the end of the season.

Do the show executives plan this type of thing? Do they like to mess with our tiny brains en mass? I really wonder.

Also - I like to drool over the man who plays Russell (Eddie Cibrian). He's very delicious. Somewhere between him and Matthew McConaughey lies the perfect specimen of maleness.

Sigh. Off I go to do some photoshop experiments (ala Weird Science).lol.


B.E. Earl said...

"Invasion" has been a pet peeve of mine all year long. Great lead-in with "Lost", great cast and it was created by one of the Hardy Boys!

That last point notwithstanding, this show has been pissing me off all year long. I agree with all your thoughts (except the one about Eddie Cibrian), and now that they are back to being a quality show it appears as if it will not be picked up next year.

Now I'm really mad for sticking with it! And that little girl who plays Kira is just too freaky looking to watch. She looks like an alien already.

elizabeth said...

awYes she is sort of alienesque isn't she? (It's not coming back?! Now I'm mad)

Anonymous said...

AH HA! You like Matthew too then?

Slyde said...

You are correct, Earl. (for once!)

Invasion has NOT been picked up for the fall season.

i honestly have to say that i dont know what you guys all liked about it. I thought it started off very silly, and the jack black-like character was enough to make me turn the channel.

elizabeth said...

It was awesome!! Then it sucked for a while but - then it was awesome again. Not as good as Grey's but then - what is?

Anonymous said...

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