Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Okay guys - I was tagged by this ones not all funny...sorry... ;-D

I am the daughter of a fabulous woman and a man who can do just about anything. I am the mother of two incredible people and a person blessed with wonderful friends. (I am me - and I am starting to like her more and more...)
I want to regret less and to be everything to everyone - all the time. I also want to travel the world and leave footprints everywhere I go... but mostly just to make an impression that lasts on this earth longer than I do. I want my family to live forever and never suffer.
I wish that I had believed in myself more when I was younger - and also that I had a real and honest to goodness castle - and a special interest column in some obscure magazine somewhere.... with an itty bitty teeny tiny picture of moi on the top left corner looking fabulous. (and I want a unicorn)
I hate that there is so much suffering in the world. I also hate that liquorice liquor. I hate having the flu, ignorant people, bees, slugs and spiders.
I hear raindrops hitting the canvas tent that covers the patio furniture.
I wonder too often what would have happened if I hadn't made the choices I made with my life. I also wonder how things work - all things.
I am not very good at skiing and I don't try unusual food. I am not a bad person. I am not going to let an one point in my life (good or bad) define who I am.
I danced. Yes, as in past tense. Boy did I dance! But my dancing stopped many years ago - and only happens now at friends weddings. I miss dancing.
I cry when I am sad. When I see my children sad and - when I make people sad. I also cry when I am angry.
I make with my hands lots of fun shapes with play - dough and I paint pictures on walls in children's rooms.
I write every chance I get. Letters, journals, short stories - you name it and I write it....and sometimes I feel like I can't stop...and not a lot of people know (ahem.... knew) that about me.
I confuse a lot of people - not the least of whom is myself. Oh yeah - and north south east and west.
I need some coffee every morning. It is my ONE thing - and I am truly committed to it.
I start more things than I finish...
I finish fewer things than I'd like.
I believe in fewer things than I'd like.... I believe in love, and in people. I believe that I have much to learn. I believe that I have some of the greatest friends and relatives in the world. I believe that my children can change the world.
I "tag" Kath, and my new pals Dia and Badgerdaddy. (Carrie - you too if you stop in)
(Feel free to respond here in the comments section or in your own blog - whatever you like.)


Elizabeth McClung said...

Hey, I want a unicorn too - It's like a horse and a sword in one! I think about choices too, though I have come to believe that it is not the choices I made that made who who and where I am but in making those choices that I become who I am.

elizabeth said...

I like that sentiment.
If we both got unicorns we could have a duel.