Thursday, May 18, 2006

We Need One of These!

"One of the K800i features is its Googled supplied blogger functionality. This allow users to upload pictures and text to website on-the-fly as they go about their daily business."

I mean seriously. I think blogging is about to reach a whole new level of maddness.... love it. Imagine how many times we think "I've got to blog about that" and promptly forget. Now we can get it out there right away. Fantastic.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Does it have an extendable keyboard are your blogs going to start looking like text slang? I guess it could be cool - I just don't think that $500 is going to really get me what I need for better blogging: A more interesting life.

Cheezy said...

That sounds dangerous. I'll try to avoid that feature the next time I buy a phone (although who knows - it may soon be 'standard' with pretty much every new phone!)