Thursday, May 11, 2006

What is it with me and not reading instructions?

I don't know if it is normal to take it as a mental challenge when it comes to assembling things - sans instructions. Or is this a left over attempt at defying authority (- and in this case the people who write the instructions are considered an authority on the subject ... or at least really should be- shouldn't they?). I always feel as though I have failed if I can't figure something out on my own. Doesn't really matter if it's furniture or even something as simple as a microwave or a VCR. I do admit that eventually I will refer to the instructions or ask for help, but I do so grudgingly(... and I mutter and stomp about.) I really wish I was not so childish.
It actually makes me mad at myself much in the same way I am mad at a man for not asking for directions when we are clearly lost. This makes no sense to me and, likewise, my resistance of instruction manuals really makes no sense to me. But still - I cannot seem to overcome this issue.
Well - admitting a problem is half the solution - right. Well. That's some progress isn't it? (Just say yes).

Now - as for patience. Some people feel that I have a lot of it. Some people think I have none. I agree with the latter. I think I need to take up some sort of meditation or something to - ease some of that much needed patience into my soul. I just want it now. Immediate gratification type of thing. (Told you I wasn't patient.)

Lastly on my list of self bashery - I need to know when to quit and when to finish things. "The Gambler" needs to become my mantra. I'm always off timing wise. I give up too fast or... I stay too long and beat the proverbial dead horse. But - again - half the battle and so on...

Well - looky looky. I'm half way to being perfect and it only took me 10 minutes. Fancy that. ;-P



Tobiwan said...

I've experienced this stubborn desire to figure things out without assistance for as long as I can remember.

I wouldn't say this is 'childish' behavior. It feels much more like stubborn pride rearing it's ugly head over efficiency.

Patience is purely conditional. There are times when I can let people tear me a new ass and i'm not even disturbed by it, but then there are times when I have zero patience for something as simple as my kids not cleaning up their messes. Speaking of patience...I need me some of that.

elizabeth said...

Patience or indifference? If I am indifferent to a situation - then I don't react. Or....sometimes if I just deserve a new ass... lol.

(Yes.... there is this ugly rumour going around that I might be stubborn....)

Anonymous said...

We are cheering you - oh mighty blogger queen.

Anonymous said...

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